We are expanding our business by converging MICE industry with other industries.

Building on this expansion, we are advancing first to the Asian market and ultimately to the global market.


You are welcome to ‘ez worldwide’ Web site!

As a holding company, ez worldwide will help maximize the value of all its affiliates
that are part of the ez community. We will also create synergy effects among the affiliates,
thereby identifying new business opportunities.

ezpmp Co., Ltd., which stands at the center of the ez community, is experienced in
handling various aspects of MICE such as MICE event planning, feasibility study,
basic and action plan formulation, as well as performing as an executing agency.
ezpmp has become a true No. 1 Professional MICE PM company with capabilities in
planning and executing conventions, exhibitions, expos, as well as promotional events.

Now, ez worldwide was established as a holding company, and ez community equipped
itself with a full network consisting of K-City Marketing Institute, Seoul Speakers Bureau,
and MICE One. With the move, we are preparing for the next ten years, building upon
the extensive experience and knowhow we have accumulated over the past decade.

+ WORLD - We aspire to go beyond Korea to capture the Asian market
                    and ultimately reach the global market.
+ WIDE - We are expanding to the content industry where we can build upon MICE industry
                to apply creativity and converge with other industries.

ez worldwide will continue to meet the needs of our customers and create new customers and new businesses, thereby creating a new horizon for the country’s MICE industry.

Thank you.

The CI embodies our infinite potential,
acute reasoning, and enthusiasm,
qualities with which we continue
to grow and move towards future.


ez community utilizes each affiliate’s
core competencies and expertise
that have been gained through
extensive experiences.


The following captures the major
milestones in the ez community’s history
in its pursuit of becoming a leading company in the world.


2013.02 MICE ONE Gwangju Merged (in Gwangju city)
.02 Founded MICE ONE Global (in Incheon city)
.02 Founded ez worldwide (Holding company)

2012.04 Signed agreement of BESETO Alliance with

Congress Corporation (Japan) and CITS International M.I.C.E. (China)

.02Registered as specialized products design and multimedia design firm


2012.01 Voted as a President firm for KAPCO(Korean Association of

Professional Convention Organizers) (ezpmp)

2010.09 Became member of IAPCO (ezpmp)
2009.09 Became member of ICCA (ezpmp)
.07 Launched the K-City Marketing Institute
2008.10 Became member of IASB (Seoul Speakers Bureau)
.06 Founded Seoul Speakers Bureau
2007.11 Registered as specialized industrial design firm (ezpmp)
.01 Obtained indoor decoration business license (ezpmp)
2006.09 Acquired ISO 9001 certification (ezpmp)
2003.06 ezpmp inaugurated

  • We are members of ez community
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  • ezpmp Co., Ltd. is equipped with competent professionals in the areas of
  • expo, exhibition, convention, and event promotion. We provide one-stop
  • service throughout all stages from hosting to executing an event building
  • upon the extensive experience acquired from handling various MICE events.
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  • K-City Marketing Institute carries out Total Region Marketing activities
  • for sustainable regional development projects.
  • In doing so, we create an image best suited for a city/region and discover
  • the best projects that can enhance the value of a city/region.
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  • Seoul Speakers Bureau is a content organizer that plans overall programs
  • for a MICE activity. We provide services including topic selection,
  • program management and speaker invitation from home and abroad
  • 서울스피커스뷰로 사이트바로가기
  • mice one is a DMC(Destination Management Company) with its offices
  • in Gwangju and Incheon. We provide services such as venue information,
  • flight arrangement, transportation, accommodation, food & beverage,
  • registration, A/V equipment and tour service tailored to each city or region.
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